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Freddie, Brandon, Sam and Niko go to E3! And then shenanigans.

e3 e3 2013 lan party


Everyone can go home now. E3 is done.

peggle 2 excitement e3
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Deadpool visited Marvel HQ in NYC and in this video he’s talking to Mary Sprowls, our head of HR. It’s kind of wonderful.

via marvelentertainment:

Deadpool visits Marvel HQ in New York City to brag about his upcoming video game, the aptly titled “Deadpool”, and sweet-talk his way into a job! First stop, the HR office to discuss his useless in a corporate office special skill set.

Deadpool would do great in our videos! RIGHT?!

Node Studios node deadpool marvel deadpool could rock jeans skills
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THE VIDEOGAME OLYMPIX HAVE BEGUN. It’s the most epic gaming event ever!!

Are you Team Sausage Fiesta or Team Super Sausage Fiesta Turbo??

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